BJP-AIADMK alliance are front runners in the elections in TN : Katju


There is a strong possibility that this time the BJP-AIADMK combine will win the elections on Tamil Nadu. This assessment was made by Mr Markandeya Katju, today, in one of his tweets.

Mr Katju believes that the stronger organisation power of the BJP and the greater resource that it has at its disposal makes it a formidable proposition. Add to it that the DMK is a divided house with Stalin and Alagiri looking in opposite directions making the opposition weak.

The demise of the patriarch Shri Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha has weakened both the parties and now it is upto the alliances that both these parties put forward.

And then there is always the Rajini factor as superstar Rajinikanth is keeping the suspense on his political outfit. He will go along with the BJP coalition is no brainer but politics is a funny game so unless the cards are all laid out on the table, we can’t be sure.

Mr Katju maintains that home minister Amit Shah has already made his visit to Chennai and there is a bandwagon of senior BJP leaders which will follow soon.

Along with all this, the resources and power of being in the centre helps the BJP calling the shots and putting in the big bucks where others might falter, maintains Mr Katju.



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