Don’t put a price tag on sex we have with our love, tweets Kangana

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By – Shama Alvi

Twitter queen Kangana Ranaut has got into a twee-tle (tweet battle) with if-looks-could-kill MP from Thiruvananthapuram, Shashi Tharoor.  

In one of his tweets Shashi Tharoor tweeted, “I welcome @ikamalhaasan’s idea of recognising housework as a salaried profession, w/the state govt paying a monthly wage to homemakers. This will recognise & monetise the services of women homemakers in society, enhance their power& autonomy & create near-universal basic income.”

Kangana Ranaut these days responds to everything that happens under the sun. Surprisingly, she hasn’t come out with anything on the protesting farmers after Diljeet Paaji fixed her. By the way, Twitter is abuzz with Paaji getting trolled as #Khalist****Ku***. No shame these days. 

Coming back to the dish from the hot MP, the Queen actress replied, “Don’t put a price tag on sex we have with our love, don’t pay us for mothering our own, we don’t need salary for being the Queens of our own little kingdom our home, stop seeing everything as business. Surrender to your woman she needs all of you not just your love/respect/salary.”

Kangana did serve it hot. Talk about all the men doing taanka-jhaanki here there. 

Now, Tharoor has replied to Kangana’s tweet and said that he would like all the Indian women to be as empowered as her. “I agree w/ @KanganaTeam that there are so many things in a homemaker’s life that are beyond price. But this is not about those things: it’s about recognising the value of unpaid work & also ensuring a basic income to every woman. I’d like all Indian women to be as empowered as you,” tweeted Tharoor.

It sure seems that our dear Kangana is sure on her way to fighting the next election. Another Smriti in the making.. eh ? 

In her next tweet, Kangana also slammed the trolls for taking jibes at her because of her ability to debate on any topic on social media, and said, “Don’t be jealous or angry try and sharpen your intellect and really truly invest yourself in your surroundings.” 

In an earlier tweet she had also roasted Saloni Gaur, (yes, her cute impersonator..) and said that “There is a market for my excretion also, I don’t mean your looks ma’am, it is your perception of me rotting and stinking, in that aspect it qualifies to be my excretion, I give you full marks for successfully impersonating that and selling it also, LEGENDS shits also sells.

Keep going KR, you are a sell out. If not politics then at least you are giving it back to these mard baba log and the famous-at-your-expense comedians. 


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