Money from helicopter !! But the demand is EMPLOYMENT

Ground report by

Salman, senior political editor,

The election season keeps throwing up interesting events everyday. At Rohtas, after the PM’s rally, our senior political editor, Salman got in touch with a few BJP supporters. Questioning them on counting money, he got the answer that will throw us in splits. Watch the video:

Probing further, it could easily be seen that the people want employment irrespective of their political affiliations.

Another thing to be noted is Nitish kumar is facing some serious anti incumbency sentiments and that can be the reason that BJP facilitated the exit of LJP from the Bihar coalition. It is speculated that, if the JD(U) ends on the losing side then its bargaining power will diminish and BJP will be able to move out of its shadow and become a major player along with LJP (if they are able to get some serious numbers) for forming the future government.

As for the people, they still wait for someone who can get them jobs.

Keep watching this space for ground zero reporting from Bihar.



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