Movie review : Durgamati

Durgamati is a remake of a Telugu movie, Bhaagamathie. If we ignore the fact that it is another remake of a south Indian movie, it is too much to give two and half hours to this movie.

Bhumi`s acting as Durgamati is hilarious. Her face for every expression is more of the same. Her role looks more artificial than real. When she becomes possessed by the spirit, her expressions were like as if she is just pretending her anger rather than acting. It’s a director`s job to strike a tonal balance, but since Ashok (the director) has proven his incompetence, Pednekar sticks out like a sore thumb.

The thrill was very poor, you can predict from every scene what the story is going to be. It is clearly predictable that Arshad Warsi’s Ishwar chand is corrupt and there is no spirit in Bhumi or Chanchal.

The selection of actors has been done just to give jobs to the left outs. The role of Mahi Gill as CBI officer is below the standards, her dialogue delivery looks like she i sunder too much stress to speak so many words. Karan kapadia’s acting is bakwaas.

Scenes were just thrown dangling one after the other. The scenes are presented in a very complicated manner which could have been presented simply. The characters make unreasonable speeches, and spell out every plot twist as if they are a school teacher in pre nursery school.

There are long stretches in which the actor, as Durgamati, launches into elaborate lectures about the character`s backstory- it’s like watching a terrible one-woman play, which goes like a jigsaw puzzle. And on other occasions, as if to satiate your unquenchable thirst for No 1 series movies(biwi no 1), Ashok peppers the movie with David Dhawan-style comedy.

After a few scenes there are some “parsdafaash” moments where there is an abrupt pause in plot 1 of the character so that they can tell their real goal.

This movie is like it is made for the audience which can`t think, is not rational, logical and sensible to understand a low grade thrill and comedy.

Movies are made keeping in mind the time, the kind of audience, the present technologies. A remake should not be a copy scene by scene with different actors and names and language. The director should have adopted the idea of the Telugu movie in a nice bollywood style. The remake is nowhere around the original movie even when everything is copied bit by bit. It was a different time when Bhaagmathie was made almost a decade ago.

Ashok`s sensibility is tacky in this movie and it just increases continuously. The movie is a complete misfire. Designs and background are fine but the acting, thrill and horror is nowhere worth one’s time and rationality.


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