PM Modi launches PM-JAY SEHAT Health Scheme in Jammu and Kashmir

Amit Shah & Modi

The Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah has described the launch of PM-JAY SEHAT Health Scheme in Jammu and Kashmir as an important and historic day for Jammu and Kashmir. Participating in the launch of the PM-JAY SEHAT Health Scheme through video conferencing by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on Dec. 26. Amit Shah said that today is a very important and auspicious day for Jammu and Kashmir when a pathbreaking beginning is going to take place in which the health of all citizens of Jammu and Kashmir will be taken care of. He said that yesterday was the birth anniversary of the revered Atal ji, which the Government of India is celebrating as commencement of the Good Governance Week. Atal ji had a special love for Jammu and Kashmir. In the Good Governance Week, the health scheme is going to be launched by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

The Union Home Minister said that this important beginning will bring radical changes in the health sector of Jammu and Kashmir in the coming days. About 15 lakh families are going to get all the health facilities up to Rs. 5 lakh free of cost. Shri Shah said that this scheme has been implemented across the country in the name of Pradhan Mantri Ayushman Yojana, but its benefit is only for the poor. This scheme for 60 crore poor people has been doing stupendous work in the health sector for almost 2 years and till date 1.5 crore people have been admitted to the hospitals, availing surgeries from minor to major. They are provided all facilities under the Prime Minister Ayushman Bharat Yojana till the time they return home after recuperating fully.

Amit Shah said that by linking Ayushman Bharat scheme with health, this scheme is being launched today for every Kashmiri brother and sister and all citizens of Jammu and Kashmir. Probably Jammu and Kashmir is the first state where this scheme is going to be available to every citizen. It is as a result of the Prime Minister’s attachment for Jammu and Kashmir and the efforts made by Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha ji that every Kashmiri will be able to benefit from this scheme from tomorrow. The Union Home Minister said that about 229 government and 35 private hospitals in Jammu and Kashmir have been enrolled for the scheme. Whoever visits these hospitals, either in Jammu or Kashmir, the Government of India, Jammu and Kashmir administration, will bear all expenses for their free of cost treatment up to Rs. 5 lakh. Shri Amit Shah also said that this scheme will give a further boost to the infrastructure in the health sector of Jammu and Kashmir and new private and good hospitals will be used to serve the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir. He said that the day is not far when the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir will not need to travel beyond Jammu and Kashmir for specialized health services.

The Union Home Minister said that I want to tell my brothers and sisters of Jammu and Kashmir that whenever the Prime Minister holds meetings, he gives special emphasis on three things for Jammu and Kashmir. One is development – development should reach the poorest person and to raise the standard of living of all. Second, to take democracy to the grass root level; when Jamuriyat, Democracy reaches the grass root level, then democracy is successful and development can be achieved only through security and peace, so security and peace should remain in Jammu and Kashmir. Shri Shah said that after August 5, there has been a big change in these three areas. Whether it be the individual plans in terms of development, development of infrastructure, whether the implementation of schemes initiated by the Government of India gets started, the Jammu and Kashmir administration has worked at spectacular speed in these three areas since August 5. The Union Home Minister said that the benefits of individual schemes, including the assistance extended to almost every widow, the grant of old age pension to every person, providing scholarships to every student, and the delivery of all individual welfare schemes of the Government of India to Jammu and Kashmir has been ensured very swiftly and efficiently. Today almost all the schemes are on the verge of saturation, this has greatly benefited the people of Jammu and Kashmir.


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