Bihar Election: Rally for Modi, voting for Tejashwi

Ground report from Rohtas, Bihar

BY-Salman, Senior Political Editor,

Today, prime minister Modi held his rally in Rohtas district, Bihar. From the crowd that has assembled at the ground, it could easily be seen that Modi’s popularity is still what it was in 2014.

Though what our senior political editor, Salman, was able to ascertain from the rally was that the Nitish Government is facing some real strong anti incumbency headwinds. Watch Video:

Sushasan babu is being questioned on unemployment which has been a major talking point in these elections exacerbated by a big migrant population in Bihar. What is interesting is that Mr Modi is not being questioned for the position in the state, and rightly so, the questions are being raised on the administration and governance of Nitish Kumar.

People here are talking about “badlaav” . Whether this call translates into votes is a different matter altogether.

Keep watching this space for more news from the ground.


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