Tejas Express, India’s first corporate train shuts down from today, lost lakhs daily

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) announced on Thursday, 19 November, that it would suspend its operations of the Lucknow-New Delhi and Mumbai-Ahmedabad Tejas Express trains due to reduced passenger engagements.
IRCTC said in a statement, “The management has decided to cancel all departures of IRCTC Tejas trains.
IRCTC had announced on 7 October that the two Tejas Express trains would resume operations following increased passenger demand. Whereas 50-80 percent seats were full due to Corona, now only 25-40 percent was recorded. Ahmedabad-Mumbai (82901/82902) Tejas Express will be canceled from November 24 and Lucknow-New Delhi (82501/82502) Tejas Express will be canceled from November 23.
The statement further read that the operations of the two trains will resume after assessing the passenger level of other trains running on the Thrace route. IRCTC suspended the operation of both these trains from 19 March in view of the COVID-19 epidemic.
The Lucknow-Delhi-Lucknow Tejas Express was run for the first time on 4 October 2019 and Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Ahmedabad started its services on 19 January 2020 for the first time.


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