UP issues guidelines for the supply of PNG to Industrial Dvelopment Authorities

In Uttar Pradesh, guidelines have been issued for the supply of piped natural gas (PNG) to industrial development authorities with a view to providing environmental protection and safe fuel to industries and manufacturing sectors. Steps are also being taken to convert the state’s major highways into green energy corridors to promote pollution-free fuel use in the transport sector.

UP Industrial Development Minister Satish Mahana said that the authorized companies have been given permission and facility by these authorities to lay gas companies for laying pipelines for the network of natural gas in the industrial development authorities of the state. This will help in ensuring safe fuel supply and environmental protection to the units set up in the industrial areas of the state. There will also be less pressure on traffic.

Additional Chief Secretary Infrastructure and Industrial Development Alok Kumar informed that for the development of piped natural gas (PNG) network, Noida, Greater Noida, Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YIDA), UP State Industrial Development Authority (UPSIDA), Gorakhpur Industrial Development Authority (GIDA), Sathariya Industrial Development Authority (SIDA) and Lucknow Industrial Development Authority (LIDA) have been instructed to facilitate gas companies. PNG is cheaper as the cost of storage and transportation is saved.

Additional Chief Secretary Vikas Alok Kumar said that to promote the use of pollution-free fuel in vehicles for transportation, UPSIDA has been instructed to assist the City Gas Distribution Licensee to set up necessary facilities for the supply of compressed natural gas (CNG) as part of the program to convert the state’s major highways into green energy corridors. For the Green Energy Corridor, 4,875 square meters of land has been marked in Bilhaur on the Agra-Lucknow Expressway.

It is to be noted that the city development department has decided to operate 1,525 CNG buses in 15 major cities of the state. At the same time, 37 gas companies have been authorized for city gas distribution in different regions of the state.


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