Cyber security : new frontier of internal security

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Fading lines between the real and virtual world or the large amount of time we spend online gives new dimension to the security of a country a ad that is cyber security.

“Technology is a major enabler today and with pandemic, it has become a ‘game changer’. Like any other weapon , it ( technology) is prone to misuse too therefore, it cannot remain immune from unpredictability of geopolitics,” said a speaker at Global technology summit organised by ministry of external affairs and Carnegie India.

“Technology is helping us fight the pandemic today in more ways than one, from staying connected to making trade and commerce easier through digital platforms to facilitating education and healthcare. The debate about the geopolitics of technology for this reason is not new and could be as old as technology itself. In a sense, this debate could go back to the battles mentioned in the epics or wars mentioned in history textbooks,” he added.

With more than 600million internet data users by 2019, India sits strong at the second position on the global internet data pyramid. The latest industry reports suggest that the number of internet users in India is growing at a staggering annual rate of 18%.

Where rapid digitization had pushed this number to an all time high, with technology easing borders for information and data to travel free across states, countries and continents ,the need for cyber security had  whizzed for business, individuals and the nation as a whole. The covid crisis has accelerated the process of digitization. It converted the want of people entering into the virtual world to need.

Increasing usage of the internet makes the country vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Cyber intrusion and attacks have increased in scope and sophistication targeting sensitive personal and business data and artificial information infrastructure, with impact on national economy and security.

The present cyber threat landscape poses significant challenges due to rapid technological development such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, internet of things, 5G etc.

The threat from cyberspaces can endanger all aspects of life. New challenges include data protection/privacy, law enforcement in evolving cyberspaces, access to data stored overseas, misuse of social media platform, international cooperation on cybercrime and cyber terrorism and so on.

Ransomware related cyberattacks on the indian enterprises saw a significant rise in the first 3 months of the year, and the increase has been enabled by operations offering ransomware as a service to cyber attackers. 

One in two indian companies have experienced a data breach involving the loss or theft of more than 1000 records containing confidential customer or business information in the past two years and the covid-19 has only accelerated the cyber attacks, according to Sandeep Patel, general manager, IBM India/ South asia.

Increasing access to the internet is making us more vulnerable to cyber attacks. This is becoming a new frontier where we can get compromised.


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