Movie review: Bulbbul

By Monica

Bulbbul, released in june 2020, is an Indian hindi language film written and directed by Amrita Dutt, portraying Tripti Dimri in the lead role.

It is set in a backdrop of 1880`s Bengal presidency, tracing the journey of a child bride from innocence to strength. This film delves into the idea of aristocratic Bengal women embracing western ideologies of freedom. It is a sensitive portrayal of the hopes and fears, triumphs and defeats experienced by the women. It talks about the experiences faced by women in their intricate relationships, as well as the adjustments they were continually called upon to make as daughters as well as daughters in-law. 

The depiction of dark attire of Bulbbul with her dark makeup and black hair reflect the signs of Gothic genre. The depiction of the condition of women in that society is nicely done but the cinematic portrayal of thrill and horror is not upto the mark. Through the depiction of the feet of the lead character, the director tells the story of a woman from her unbridled childhood to a shackled adulthood. 

The usage of red colour to a great degree in background exhibits energy and anger, but was not very appealing rather it was working as a distracting element. The comparison of the witch( chudail) with Goddess (Kali) is a positive interpretation where that power is judged by the actions.

The director tries to draw a similarity between women and nature as both bear the brunt of the emotions of men. The portrayal of bulbul being burnt in the jungle based on suspicion by her brother in law draws parallel to the way we exploit nature. 

Through the character of Bulbbul the director shows that how the female protagonist had been exploited by all who claimed to lover her without understanding her. Her depiction of being dead and coming back is the portrayal of death of innocence and birth of strength.  

Overall the film is nice. A few moments were nicely executed but a few looked over the top. Good concept  and story but could have been better portrayed. 


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