Improved ties with Israel altering Middle East’s order


Breaking the old silos of islamist ideology the order of middle east is seeing an upheaval.

Changes are so fast that now it is taking lesser time to alter the opinion of the ideological core of islamic arab world to recognize a country like Israel, breaking the shackles of years old islamist ideology. The Middle East is seeing a transformation in the relation with Israel.

The reason behind this rapid transformation can be to counter the fear of Iran, catch up with technological growth in the rest of the world or to boost their economy through alternate ways. Reports of a secret meeting between Saudi crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman and Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu late last month might have been denied, yet we are seeing the green shoots of normalised ties of Bahrain and UAE with Israel.

In its neighbourhood, the Middle East has three countries having large number of Muslims – Pakistan and India followed by Bangladesh. The improving relations of Arab world with Israel is giving Pakistani pragmatists confidence to overcome the pressure of growing weight islamist ideaology and fanning theories about a Yehudi-Hindu conspiracy and relentless propaganda equating palestine with Kashmir.

These issues have held back the pragmatists so long to recognise Israel as a country to neutralise Delhi`s special connection with Israel. Pakistan also knows the value of having a sensible relationship with Israel and its useful spinoff in Washington, where Islamabad is making a desperate pitch to limit America’s current political tilt towards India.

After the arab world and Pakistan`s normalised ties with Israel, Bangladesh won`t want to be left behind. Economic and technological collaboration with Israel will give Bangladesh’s economy and foreign policy a big boost. Bangladesh will also be wanting to use the ties with Israel , a jewish country, to cope with the mounting criticism in the US of the country’s political freedom and human rights under PM Sheikh Hasina.

The other reason for the arab world turning to Israel is their want to turn the Middle East region towards political and religious moderation. This is because of the desperate attempts of once secular country Turkey under ambitious Erdogan to become a new champion of political Islam. So Saudi Arabia, Egypt and UAE want to counter the new religious zeal of Turkey, covering its ambition to expand its geopolitical influence in the Middle East.

This normalisation of ties is the result of Israel’s hard work on its technological development. Although these changes look politically driven by the consequences of the region, the reality is the unquenching thirst to expand its geopolitical influence in the region.

Israel’s developed technology and the US as their ally can easily make the the idea of an Arab – Israel friendship a possibility. The improving ties with Israel are just one step in fulfilling the region’s ambitions.

For Israel it is a blank cheque that can be liquefied in lots of places. First of all, after the Israel and Palestine story, the recognition of this jewish country by great arab powers and two of the world`s largest Islamic nations is a great ideological and political bonus.

In the game of weak vs strong in the middle east region, Israel’s influence acts like a major support to any arab country which wants to influence the region geopolitically. The normalised ties are the result of their respective political and economic interest which get fulfilled by Israel’s technological advances in different fields.


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