Employment and not caste will decide

Ground report by Salman, senior political editor, firetimeshindi.com


in our reportage from Bihar, we reached Nalanda district, Rajgir constituency. In any elections in india, caste always plays a very significant role. In the bigger scheme of development, caste is the subset in which the voting happens.

Enforcing this theoretical point, the interaction tells us that how the spectre of unemployment is looming large on the current government and why the promise of jobs is the war cry for the voters of Bihar.

Watch the video:

That Bihar is an important state electorally is a well known fact, what is less understood is that it is a microcosm of the politics in the Hindi belt. The interplay of caste, politics, development and social mobility gets all so wonderfully displayed here.

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Thus the clamour for jobs is not just a cry in Bihar. Today if the elections are held at the national level same would be the demand over the whole country. Why it is not translating into a rejection of the central government because it is perceived that the PM has performed reasonably well with the given set of constraints and it is the state governments which are failing in their job.

The above sentiment helped the BJP to distance itself from JD(U) in Bihar and keep its game more open. How the results will pan out becomes a wait and watch situation.

Keep watching this space for more report from the ground.


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