We cant give them employment, lets give them Love Jihad : Justice Katju

Photo : indiatoday.in

In a scathing remark on the state government of Uttar Pradesh, justice Markandeya Katju stated that since the government cannot provide the youth with employment, it is diverting the attention of the people through gimmicks like love jihad.

According to him, The real issues before the country are widespread poverty, rising unemployment and a sinking economy.  These are things which make the government vulnerable to questions hence time to time it uses various apparatus to divert the attention of the people.

He commented on appealing child malnutrition, skyrocketing price of food and fuel, lack of proper healthcare and good education. The government seems to be clueless on how to control these. Just ushering in new policies one after the other without proper implementation, wont take the nation anywhere.

The government seems to have given up on farmers and corruption is continuously rising.

He says that since the government has no idea on how to resolve these issues, it must resort to gimmicks and stunts. With the earlier ones being yoga day, swakchhata abhiyaan, abrogation of article 370 etc., the latest is the Love Jihad, and it has the advantage of further polarising the society on religious lines which serves some vested interests admirably.

Citing the example of the Roman Empire, he says that the Roman emperors used to say , “ if you cannot give them bread, give them circuses”. Or just as Marie Antoinette said , “if the people don’t have bread, they can have cakes”. Our own emperors say “since we can’t give our people bread or employment, we are giving them Love Jihad”, he goes on to add.

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